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new york girl swinging above skyscrapers pexels-photo-321441When you are in your twenties everything seems possible. Of course, I can do this. Others did it before me and everything turned out all right. I am an educated person. How difficult can it be? That was a question that offered theoretically a ton of possibilities. I thought I got it all figured out and was ready to go full throttle ahead. Then the reality had sunk in.

Where do I go from here?

With no clear answer or plan for the future I started running. Only forward seemed logical. I did not deviate from the straight line I had always been used to take. I did not allow myself to stop either. If I had stopped I would had lost everything I had accomplished up to that point.

When you start with nothing all you do is considered an accomplishment. On my way, I hung on to everything hoping that it would add to the big picture. I kept moving forward no matter what. For many years, I ran this race the best I knew how. I was convinced that if I screwed up I would still have time to try again. I was wrong. I eventually learned how to slow down and continued running at a more steadier pace.


In December 1989, the communist block finally collapsed. The political and economical instability after the independence forced a lot of people to flee the country. I happened to be one of the fortunate people that was able to cross the ocean, bring their hopes to America, and start a new life.

I was brought up to believe in education. I thought that “land of opportunities” was a thing of the past. I worked hard and made sacrifices to get where I am now in life. It took me years to get my head out of the clouds.

If people without a college degree can become millionaires it means that the opportunities are still there. It just not as easy as it used to be two hundred years ago. People need to learn how to find ways and grab these opportunities.

I left Romania and have never looked back. I am not planning to go there soon either. I will always remember nostalgically however, the years I spent in Romania. There are many beautiful things that I will always treasure.

When I moved to America I had thought for many years that avoiding my roots and past would help me better focus on my new life. It took me a long time to realize that this life was only part of my journey. It would be unrealistic to say that it had become possible without my life lived in Romania. The experiences I gather along the way I am going to turn into stories and gladly share them with you. I would like you to view my blog as a book with many blank pages that are waiting to be filled. I hope you will enjoy reading it.passport-2530813__340


P.S. This page has been updated to match recent changes to my blog.



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